what do you need in this moment?


guidance? Support? Answers? Confidence? Reassurance?

(All of the above, maybe?)

Been there. Done that. rode the merry-go-round. 

As a girl who tried to be it all to everybody but herself for far too long,

I feel your pain.

I remember longing for a new life, a different path and plan.

There were parts of my life I wanted to keep (my marriage and kids), but I also wanted to completely change up how we lived life.

And there were parts of my life I knew needed to go straight to the compost bin, but otherwise I was lost.   

Change is hard.

And scary.


It can be so incredibly helpful to have someone bear witness to your journey:

  • Someone to listen without judgment.

  • Someone who will hold your hand when you need it.

  • And hold you accountable when you need that.

And, better yet, someone who has “been there” to guide you:

Someone who has felt the fear and done it anyway.

Someone who has skills and tools that will make your journey feel lighter and easier.

Someone to explain things in a way that feels like “home” when you are overwhelmed.  

Beth 2017-0047.jpg

That's where I come in.

Together we'll connect you

with your inner guide and spirit team

And get you aligned with your true path


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are you ready?

release yourself from fear

be free to decide from a place of love

know and live your unique truth


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thoughts & praise

(from real-life clients like you)

eva raposa.jpg
I definitely felt an energy shift, Beth! Holy smokes! Right around the time you were doing the clearing, I even had the largest prettiest butterfly I have EVER seen land on our front door. She didn’t leave even when we were surrounding her to look at how beautiful she was.

And, it has been crazy to see what you downloaded for each of my chakras. They’re like clues to send me in the right direction. I’ve been singing like crazy thanks to one part, and the singing IS opening up new doors.

This whole thing feels like MAGIC! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Eva Rawposa, West Tisbury; www.EvaRawposa.com

Beth has this amazing, calming & loving energy about her that just speaks to me. I can tell she really feels the energies and emotions of others and wants to help them work through whatever is troubling them.

Before working with Beth, I was feeling anxious and scatter-brained. I had tried hypnotherapy, meditation and even anti-anxiety medication without significant relief but after one session with Beth, I was feeling calm and focused. I always feel better when I’m done working with Beth - clearer in the head, lighter in my heart, and overall more energetic. Her work opens me up to have the “ah-ha” moments as to why I feel a certain way and she gives me guidance as to how to deal with what has come up during the clearing.

This has been the best way i’ve found to bring underlying issues affecting me to the surface so I can spend time analyzing and understanding them in order to grow into a happier, more fulfilled, me!
— Robyn W, single mom of 2 active middle schoolers

Oh my goodness!!! I was talking with my therapist while you were working on me and I actually got through the entire appointment without sobbing uncontrollably. That has not happened since my mom passed. It’s almost too good to be true.

I literally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
— Marci Shockley, Rodan & Fields Executive Consultant; Bakersfield, CA; https://marcishockley.myrandf.biz

When I met Beth, I was feeling stuck and frustrated as I struggled to up-level my business. I had previously worked with other healers (and love EFT!) But I wanted to see what else Beth might have to offer.

I have to tell you. Beth is awesome! She has this wonderful, inviting energy and helps you to feel safe and nurtured during the process. Beth has a way of digging deep into the root of the situation in a loving way that authentically activates a gorgeous vibration of healing.

And afterwards, I experienced more ease, more patience with myself, more self-love and attention to compassion for myself. Working with Beth has helped me find a deeper alignment and synergy in my life and in my business.
— Jessica Nevins; Business Strategist for Femmepreneurs; www.jessicanevins.com