it all starts in your head

Change the radio station playing in your head

to raise your total vibration

and achieve greater overall

health & happiness


Write, doodle, & brainstorm your way to a positive mindset.

In this journal you will focus on nurturing and nourishing your mindset for greater overall health and happiness. 

Within these pages you will find thought-provoking journal prompts, ample space for writing or drawing, and numerous garden-themed doodles for coloring. 

You can plant seeds of gratitude, grow your gratitude garden, and watch your life landscape begin to shift in just minutes a day. 

Benefits of this gratitude practice may include: improved sleep, stronger immune system, greater optimism, decreased anxiety and depression, higher quality relationships, and a sense of community. 

I'm so happy to have you here. Let's get started.


hundreds of women (and men!) are using this powerful, proven product to create a life they love.

How Does it Work?


We’ll start out slow and easy - focusing on the positives in life by creating beautiful lists of all the wonderful things about your life and pushing you to find the bright side of some of your struggles.

But this journal will go much deeper than that.


Step 1

We’ll cover your personal and professional life, physical and emotional body, spirit, strengths and accomplishments, and the things you do to nourish your true self, as well as your opportunities for growth.

Step 2

Use that massive fire of positive energy you have created to go within, address the ego, and re-ignite your intuition. You will work to nourish the body, mind, and spirit as you transition from a body-centric view of “self” to a soul-centered view.

Step 3

Begin to step into your own power to become a source of love and light in the world. You will find confidence in your own unique skills, acknowledge your new attitude of gratitude, and create a ripple of appreciation throughout your community.


Whether you complete one page per day or per month, you are sure to experience enhanced daily positivity, gratitude, and appreciation!

This journal is also a coloring & doodle book. Throughout the book you will find loads of white space to write or doodle. You will also find a lovely selection of doodles and drawings included for you to support your creative process.

Reviews from the heart

I love this book! I pulled it out of my mail box last night and have only put it down to get some sleep and make some breakfast. The writing is wonderful, but the high mileage questions and journal prompts really get you thinking.

Its structure. Its blank white pages. It’s life changing. It’s sharpening my gratitude practice. It’s bringing me joy... All in less than 12 hours! Can’t wait for more!
— Heidi Symonds,WCHS 6 Morning Report Health Coach;

I noticed a horrible pattern of grumps and grumbles in my house. As I tried to explain gratitude and being positive and speaking encouragement to myself and my kids - this came along.

While they color - I read and color! They love the pictures and have begged to share my book and happily I can turn them down while I have had this to focus on me. I have shared bits and pieces with my kids and adjusted some to their age appropriateness...

I love this. I have slowly noticed an unintentional behavior in myself and as I wandered around my yard and property yesterday I realized my movements and thoughts were intentional I noticed things around me that I would never have recognized before. I may have overlooked them or just not thought about them... But now I had this amazing peace and grateful feeling as I went about daily chores and yard work. Gardening and harvesting....

This book is wonderful! I would pass one out to every busy hustle bustle friend I recognize right now who needs to step back and realize they have it all - everything they need to survive and to be successful. It’s already there....I just needed a better way to realize that and recognize it was here all along.
— Hayley Stevens, happily disorganized hobby farming mom

“After spending just a few minutes with the book, I realized this type of meditation/journaling is perfect for me. “Cultivating Gratitude” is a beautifully written & illustrated, thought provoking journal where the reader is guided to “write, doodle, and brainstorm your way to a positive mindset.” I know this book will help me to clear my mind and start me on the journey towards a life filled with gratitude.
— Julie Dikken, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Evergreen/Conifer/Bailey,CO

Have you ever brainstormed? It’s a glorious thing! I do my best thinking and soul-searching when my cat Alexa and I are sitting at the kitchen table – pen and paper in hand. I write down my goals, thoughts, “to do”s, and “gotta do”s.  I think of it as getting in touch with myself and centering my world.

Sure, that sounds kind of like hippy speak, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it. I center myself.

A guided journal, such as this beautiful and perfectly done one, is the ideal way to get in touch with yourself and the world around you. It slows down the pace of your life and reminds you of the things that matter. This wonderful guide will enlighten you and entertain you.

By the end of the journal, you will be a more gracious person and, as a result, a happier one. 

You’re going to love every step of the way!
— Joi (Joy) Segers,


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