Dear Soulful Leader,

I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I know you... Because I was you.

I See You.

Giving and giving until there is nothing left for you because it is your nature to nurture. I know you are kind and trustworthy and honest and fair. Your passion for loving others is palpable wherever you go.

I see you trying to please everyone. Putting yourself last all too often.

I see you tired and frustrated with life as you know it. You know something important is missing from the equation and you are eager to find it.

I Hear You.

I hear you wondering why must you always be so sensitive, feel so deeply, care so much? And yet, deep down, you wouldn’t trade this for the world. You know it is a gift others would be lucky to have.

I Feel You.

Your emotional turmoil is manifesting physically as stress or anxiety or gut irritation. And you know it too.

But I also see you quietly shifting. Ready to give yourself permission to thrive. You trust your heart but are still listening to your mind so you take baby steps to test the waters while silently itching to jump in whole-heartedly.

You are done feeling tired, overwhelmed, trapped, resentful, and otherwise “stuck” and are ready to do things differently.

You desire… no, you are beginning to demand that something change.

You know in your heart of hearts that in order to keep being the giver, leader, healer that you are, you need to take care of yourself first.

you are ready.

To clear your mind, heal past stories, break through your fears, banish your limiting beliefs, and create a lifestyle that is sustainable and promotes your total well-being.

you are ready.

To lose the weight you carry for protection.

You are ready.

To own your self worth and deeply connect with your true self.

You are ready.

To break free from your self-imposed prison & feel a transformation in your future.

You are ready.

To receive the support of others, and accept help for a change.


You know you need the wisdom and guidance of those that have gone before you as you receive gifts of physical, mental, and spiritual support. You are ready to be in love with your life again (or for the first time!). And you are determined to do whatever it takes to change your story. You are ready to do the work and the universe is ready to support that transition.  

It is time to own your gifts and use them for the greater good. You are bright and bold and oh-so gifted. The world needs your light and is ready for you to shine. The time has come for you to commit to yourself and your purpose.  

It is time to cleanse your physical, emotional, and spiritual life so that you can begin to live from a place of clarity, wisdom, grace, and radiance.

Welcome Home.

Many blessings,

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My Journey to self acceptance

My goal in this life is to experience as much natural, intuitive, heart-felt living as possible! It’s not always perfect, and rarely glamorous, but it is honest, real and all mine.


I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

My journey to self-acceptance has been a rough road. After years of self-abuse, self-sabotage, and living a “normal” life designed by others, I was miserable.
Physically, I was suffering from chronic UTIs, living in food-allergy hell, and my list of medical providers was rapidly expanding.
Mentally, I was always irritated with myself and others, sinking in anxiety and depression quicksand, and nothing was ever good enough.

And, spiritually… well, quite honestly - I was bankrupt. I was angry with God. I wasn’t doing anything to care for my vessel. And I had no connection to my inner self, current life path, or soul plan.

And I had had enough.

I knew deep in my heart and soul that there had to be a better way. And so I went in search of it.

I knew my answer to true wellness required a comprehensive, holistic (whole-life) approach. I knew wasn’t going to get – and STAY! - better just by eating better and exercising more. I needed more. And I needed to dig deep.
So, I went back to school. I already had a Masters in Biology, but wanted to learn about alternative options. I studied integrative nutrition, chakra clearing, medical intuitive touch, wellness recovery, mental health first aid, and a host of other alternative healing modalities.

Along the way,

I learned that I have amazing intuitive abilities.

I can see & hear your soul speak,

talk to your guides & angels,

get answers to your deepest darkest issues,

and feel your fears & limiting beliefs strangling you from within.


With my gifts, i am also able to...

lessen the pain of grief

help you move past your barriers

end the self-sabotage

break free from your self-imposed prison

love yourself unconditionally

and create a life you love.


You see, all of my answers were inside me. And yours are inside you too!

You just need to learn how to access them!
I can help you. I would be honored to serve you.

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my daily life

I live in Conifer, Colorado with my wonderful husband of sixteen years, Dr. Matt Bunchman, DMD. Together we have 3 amazing children, 3 crazy dogs and a budding homestead - complete with beehive, chickens, turkeys, and a small greenhouse. I love spending time with my family and friends, hiking, gardening, drawing, painting, shooting, writing, and reading.

My days are spent raising my kids, caring for our critters, hanging out at the community garden, creating home cooked meals, bonding with my husband, nurturing other women, hiking and dancing.

I do all of this in support of my greater goal - living my soul's purpose with the greatest of ease and care. I do this by choosing a life that is nature-infused, full of healing, simple, peaceful, nurturing, nourishing, educational, and loving.


Beth has been my go-to source for health info for as long as I have known her. After 3 months as Beth’s client, I have made several changes in my lifestyle. The improvement after only a few weeks was amazing. I am feeling better than I have in a long time, with more energy than I have had in years!
— Theresa Hasken, Age 52, Medical Technologist, Illinois

Beth, you are such a beautiful, caring, intelligent, innovative woman. I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together. Thank you for sharing ideas and suggestions with me. Thank you for the thoughtful surprise gifts and treasures. Thank you for your transparency and insight. You allowed this broken person to feel accepted and shed hope on fragments of my life. Love,
— JR, Littleton

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Beth is highly knowledgeable and always strives to seek out and understand the latest in research. I have known Beth since she began her quest to remove toxic chemicals from her own family routines years ago and now, with her advanced training, she is an excellent resource for helping others live healthier lives.
— Kathy, Executive Assistant Resort Services, mom of two; Steamboat Springs, CO