Welcome to my online home. It is truly an honor to have you here.


My name is Beth and I am a seeker - a woman on a path of gaining awareness, finding empowerment, and experiencing soul-filled living.

I’ve been on a soul-searching journey for as long as I can remember and have come to learn that I am an experiential messenger for western women seeking more truth, enlightenment and authenticity in their life.

It is my purpose and path to grow up in a very “western” way, maintain a open (enough) mind and heart to learn alternative tools, and then act as a bridge, witness & sanctuary for other women on their own seeker path.

It is my heart-felt hope that my experience and knowledge will impassion other women so that they may find greater appreciation for their humanness and a deeper sense of love for them selves.

While I do have extensive training in biology, psychology, behavior, coaching, meditation, and energy work,

I don’t see myself as a guru.

It’s not about me being all high and mighty.

(I don’t have ALL your answers for you, nor would I want to.)

This process is about YOUR journey.

I want to teach you the tools to

find your own answers!

So that you can feel empowered

to own your life story

and won’t always need my help.

Your answers aren’t within me, they are deep inside you!

I’m just going to help you access them

with more ease and Grace.

what will you get with me?

Tools & Resources

I will share with you the books, questions, meditations, crystals, products, and ideas/concepts that have made my journey so much easier for me and/or my previous clients.

All conversations are either intuitively-led or brainstorming sessions. The ultimate goal is to teach you to reacquaint yourself with your own intuition so that you may choose the tools and products that are right for you and your own journey.


A Witness

An important part of our human experience is in the sharing. Across your lifetime, you are a witness for everyone you come in contact with (some more than others), and they for you.

A witness assures us that our stories are seen, heard and transcend time. However, sometimes we want our growth process to be less of a public affair.

As your witness, I will hold space for you while you experience your growth process and put yourself “out there” to evolve.

Support & Accountability

There is a time for watching, listening, and holding space but there is also a time for supporting, carrying, advising, and teaching.

In addition to my role as witness, there will also be times when I step in as guide, coach and/or mentor.

In the beginning, we will take turns carrying the load but quickly you will realize how much you already know - once you know where to look!


This process would not be the same without a healthy dose of magick. That’s magic with a “k” because it transcends illusion and entertainment and embraces the practical, empowering use of natural forces to bring about knowledge and/or change for one’s self and the greater good.  

In other words, this process is all about tuning in to the power of thoughts and words, our innate intuitive powers, and the rhythms and cycles of the world around us.


leslie firestone.png
The most significant overall change I have noticed has been letting go of my past experience and moving forward without hesitation. I feel happier and at peace!

With Beth’s support I have drastically reduced the stress in my life, faced a life-limiting fear, improved several key relationships, and have found a work/family/self-care balance that is sustainable. I have found peace and healing and am so grateful for Beth’s support in making the changes I wanted to make.

Beth is a great listener. She is very thorough, knowledgeable, and caring too! She helped me tremendously. Thanks Beth!
— - Leslie, Zumba Instructor and mom of 2, Evergreen, CO

your answers are closer than you think

I know life and change can be hard and overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

Whether you are seeking support with:

your physical health,

a desire for more hope and possibilities,

or a need to feel safe in your own skin,

this process is for you.

You were brought here for a reason.

Let’s find out why.